Tech newsletters vs lack of time

I’m that type of person who loves to have organized inbox and a fan of “inbox zero” rule. But I have so much other things to do and I’m lazy. Now I have about 200 unread emails with tech newsletters… Time to fix that!

Why read tech newsletters?

Most of tech newsletters provide an easy way to get into releases, updates, new things and other types of knowledge, like soft skills. It’s really great to have set of most important informations from industry just ready to read on you inbox every week, without paying a single $$$. For me it’s much better way than digging through Twitter, reading news pages, forums, Github or RSS regularly, because it’s consuming enormous amounts of time.

But… I don’t have enough time for that!

Probably you too… That’s why I have almost 200 unread newsletters. Will be not so nice to just to throw away all of them, even just because I always found something worth to read inside.

I decided to spend this weekend on reading all of them to have a perfect “inbox zero” #perfectWeekend

What next? How to force myself to read them regularly?

I’m going to post every two weeks a summary of best resources that I read. It should be a good reason to find time every week to stay updated and maybe for you, as a another way to get some news.

My newsletters subscriptions list

  1. The Smashing Email Newsletter
  2. Web Design Weekly
  3. Web Development Reading List
  4. The Web Designer
  5. Responsive Design Knowledge Hub
  6. eWebDesign
  7. Vue.js Newsltter
  8. webMASTAH.weekly In Polish

If you are subscribing other interesting newsletters related to front-end development, let me know in comments below.